Sunday, July 24, 2016

Women turning to eyelash extensions to enhance look

Los Angeles,CA. - Lash extensions not only can change your look. "They can reshape your eye. They can open up a small eye, make a small eye look bigger, just really define your lash line," Lash extensions can also shorten your morning routine. "You can just wake up in the morning and get ready to go," said Christine Reed "It cuts my time in half." "It is really convenient to just get up and have a fresh look," Many women have made lash extensions a part of their beauty routine for years. However, the popularity of the beauty product is increasing. In order to create that fuller and longer look, lash artists take synthetic fibers and glue them, one-by-one to a person's natural lash. "A lot of people are candidates for the lashes, as long as you have healthy eye lashes. The only people who wouldn't qualify for the lashes would be the people who have severe eye allergies or if you have really bad dry eyes," said lash artist Christine Reed with Platinum Image Services. Platinum Image Services and The Green Nail are just two local salons that offer lash extensions. Artists at both businesses have gone beyond the minimum requirements to offer the service to their clients by completing additional training and certification programs. "If you have a cosmetology or esthetician license in many states, you can just YouTube it and start lashing tomorrow," said Christine Reed who owns Platinum Image Services. "That is scary because we are dealing with people's eye area." Eyelash extensions and lash glue are not regulated by the FDA. The American Optometric Association warns lash extensions can break off and scratch the eye. Lash extensions have also been reported to cause damage to the natural lash and adhesives, some of which contain formaldehyde, have caused allergic reactions and irritation. The owners of Platinum Image Services and The Green Nail recommend clients do their research. They recommend clients ask for a salon and artist's certifications, check the cleanliness of the salon, ask questions, check social media pages and websites for client reviews and consult a doctor. Lash extensions cost about $200 for the initial set. Fills are needed every two to four weeks, which are less expensive. Lash strips or clumps, which are applied daily are a cheaper alternative. However, they can also cause irritation.