Monday, November 30, 2015

How to safely remove bad Eyelash Extensions and find someone that can do it wherever you live in the United States

First of if your eyes hurt from having eyelash extensions they need to be removed a.s.a.p. you can get an eye infection. If you went somewhere and paid less than $100 chances are you don't have one by one eyelash extensions. More and more I am getting clients coming with these hard as rock glued lashes clumped in 5 and very hard to remove without losing your own lashes so the faster it is removed the better. Go to a place that has been certified with Novalash or Extreme Lash. (The reason I say one of these companies is they have been in the industry since I first started doing lashes over 13 years ago.) I am sure there are other great companies but these are strict companies that only train someone with a cosmetology license. My company offers removal in home if your in Los Angeles If you are in any other part of the United States there may be a Blushington in your area you can also check out the Novalash site Do not attempt to pull on them because once you pull a lash out 20 times it does not grow back. Call me if you have further questions or need a person in your area. (310)967-7701 emergency lash line 24/7