Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What is the difference between 3d Eyelash Extensions and Regular Eyelash Extensions

For those of us that want more ump than they have already there is 3d Lashes! 3d Lashes are tiny clusters of lashes (4 to 5 lashes usually) attached to one lash creating a very glamorous look. Lashes should never be glued together just like with eyelash extensions so the process can take a little less time if the lashtician knows what they are doing. These clumps of lashes are not like the spider clumps you buy at the drugstore they are more together and facing up and the knot is close to undetectable. When getting these lashes applied be sure not to go more than a third longer than your current lashes as the weight on a daily basis could be to much and cause damage to your real lashes.