Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Safety first how Supermodels look great without tanning

After my client asked me again today what was the most important thing to think about with taking care of her skin I realized why I gave her the advice I did. All the super models I had worked with always had one thing in common they wore a hat during daylight hours. I mentioned it was more important than sunblock as sunblock has to be applied every 2 hours and driving in the sun is damaging to the skin. She could keep spending money on the products but without protecting her skin from the sun the skin will continue to get worse. To reverse the signs of aging it is more important than applying any products. I than apply an organic custom airbrush blend to my face arms and kneck without any makeup looks so great and natural. As a recommendation, don't have your face in the sun for more than around five minutes at a time, and avoid this period during the hottest time of the day. Yes something as simple as a hat can save your skin. To buy this alternative to tanning go to the store at www.platinumimageservices.com