Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Platinum Image Services brings beauty and health needs to the customer at home or the office

At least that’s what Christine Reed, CEO and one of the founders of the company, has noted. The company allows customers to use a smart phone application or email to make an appointment, but instead of traveling to the beauty salon, the beauty experts will travel to the client’s office or home to fulfill hair, health, and makeup needs, depending on the occasion. “The people who seek out this service are mostly professional women with a hectic work schedule or stay-at-home moms with young children who don’t have much time to go to a hair salon, as well as women with a busy social life or brides,” said Christine Reed Hair styling services start at $100 and makeup services at $75. Platinum Image Services began in 2004 in Los Angeles, where the company is headquartered. The idea for Platinum Image Services actually came from working on clients at previous salon "Christine Reed Lash Salon" "There were many clients that would come into the salon so stressed and than get relaxed and have to drive in traffic again." "Plus it made it to where I can spend more time with one client if they need it and not feel like there is another client waiting in the hall for me." Professionals interested in becoming a part of the Platinum team must complete a selection process including interviews, a background check and verification of personal information.