Thursday, August 27, 2015

How to get rid of stretch marks and wrinkles at home

No-one needs to have stretch marks or wrinkles for life now that there is a simple technique and its something you can do at home. One thing I must be clear about is I am tallking about the Environ Face and Body Rollers and you have to know that it is really Environ as there are alot of knock off companies pretending to be Environ. I am a Environ distributor so let me know if you are serious about taking care of your stretch marks or wrinkles and we will go from there. Not all rollers are created equally so take that into consideration if you have a roller now. Needling or CIT (collagen induction therapy) is an interesting, low-tech technique that is actually very effective in treating the following skin conditions: wrinkles, loose skin, skin aging, stretch marks (striae distensiae) cellulite, hyperpigmentation and scars. There are basically two types of needling depending on the length of needle utilized. A doctor utilizes 2.5 to 3 mm long needles, whereas 0.02 to 2 mm needles are employed for home use and by nurse practitioners, respectively. All parts of the body including the face as well as all skin types can be safely treated with this technique. I has found that the more aggressive the treatment, the more impressive the results. The results can be seen with as little as one treatment, I recommend using the roller (especially the body roller) at night before bed. The device consists of a roller with up to 200 needles attached to it in an evenly spaced and perpendicular manner. When you apply pressure and roll the device over the treated area to penetrate the associated dermis thousands of times with the needles. This in turn induces an "avalanche" of collagen production within the dermis, resulting in skin tightening and stretch mark diminishment. This process is often referred to as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT). When using the roller the products applied first are very important. Call me for a full skin evaluation and we can make sure to get you on the right Vitamin Products for you. Ablative skin treatments such as dermabrasion, chemical peels and laser treatments involve removing various amounts of the outer protective covering of the skin (epidermis) in order to force the body to produce a new tissue skin covering. Certain risks maybe associated with these procedures including long-term discomfort, prolonged inflammation with associated redness, light sensitivity and possible irreversible pigment changes and scarring. However, there are no known significant risks of permanent skin damage with needling treatments since the outer layer of the skin remains intact with this methodology. When performed in conjunction with antioxidant vitamin A and C fat-soluble oil application, the penetration of these latter substances is vastly increased. I enjoy helping people take care of there skin if you have any questions please call me (310)967-7701!