Wednesday, July 29, 2015

All Brides-To-Be! How To Do Pre-Wedding Facials (And Look Amazing In Those Photos)

Your wedding day - it's the one day of your life when your skin needs to look flawless. Between seeing everyone you've ever known since you were a little and having a bazillion and one photos of your face taken it can be stressful. When planning your wedding a great skincare plan should be included. Whenever I am preparing a client for wedding makeup I think A pre-wedding facial is the most important part of looking great on that special day. 'For a bride, the worst thing to do is wait until the last minute to tackle any skin issues, even if your concerns are mild. Having a series of professional skin treatments and facials in the run up to the wedding is ideal in preventing blemishes and skin conditions as well as to give your skincare professional a chance to check that your home care products are suitable to your skin. Treatments should coincide with skin’s renewal, which happens every five to seven weeks to aid this process and to keep congestion and puffiness under control. For new treatments and those new to facials, it’s important to leave at least six weeks before the wedding to see how the skin reacts. If all is well, the treatment should be repeated the week before the wedding. I recommend nightly treatments and advanced skincare to those who suffer from specific skin care concerns, such as rosacea or pigmentation. I would advise starting these kinds of treatments at least six months before the wedding day. It can take a few treatments to get the skin to good condition and there can be some reaction during the course, so it is best to have the stronger corrective treatments early on and the maintenance treatments closer to the big day. If you can't wait an Oxygen facial is perfect 2 days before as it is no ebrasive and plumps up the skin. Try a mild chemical peel or Ultra Sonic facial to brighten skin before your wedding day. I would recommend six to eight treatments at one to two week intervals with the last one a few days before the big day. At home, make sure you’re using a moisture binding humectant like the Revival Mask in conjunction with a mild daily Vitamin A product like Cquence! and a Gentle Cleanse, £7. If you've got…mild acne/occasional breakouts You should try the Medical-Facial, or a mild chemical peel (especially one with salicylic acid). I would recommend you have six to ten treatments at seven to ten day intervals, the last one a few days days before. For home use, look for Sebu gel, which is a great topical product for acne prone skin, but it can be a little drying so always use a light oil-free moisturizer too.