Tuesday, December 23, 2014

How to Vajazzle

Many estheticians and waxers now love to offer vajazzle. What is a vajazzle and why does anyone wants Swarovski Crystal that close to the Vajayjay? In Wikipedia the description is: Vajazzle is a form of genital decoration, formed by the application of crystal ornaments on the shaved pubic area of a woman. The process is known as vajazzling. The phenomenon was popularized by singer Jennifer Love Hewitt, who devoted a chapter in her book The Day I Shot Cupid to vajazzling.[1] During a promotional interview on a US talk show in January 2010 they advised the female part "to their vajazzlen vajayjays" her audience ("vajazzle their vajayjays").[2] Vajazzle became the most searched term on Google for the following day.[3] So I started offering it as a service. Having a salon on Melrose was funny to say the least I thought maybe dancers would want the service. It was mostly girls graduating high school.(I guess it was better than the tattoo I got at that age.) Anyway this a great service to offer and I created a technique that actually makes it last for days. Perfect for porn stars, bachelorette parties, and anyone that likes to decorate there vajayjay for fun. I now offer one on one sessions to learn the proper way to vajazzle call to book now (310)967-7701