Thursday, March 27, 2014

How neuro muscular therapy aligned my body and cured many friends

I have never been a fan of chiropractor's or someone claiming to be Back/ Neck Pain Specialist yet getting in a car accident forced me to decide what method I was going to use. I decided to try a new kind of therapy. It's called neuro muscular therapy and is not popular in the United States. I think because I feel better from these treatments than I ever had in my whole entire life. First he adjusted my jaw which I had never experienced before. Just from that one thing i could feel tension leaving my face and kneck. Over the next few weeks he continued to align and massage my body. I never walked straight, or even felt I could. Now I have sent Over 25 clients to my therapist with brain rumors, and back problems way worse then mine and yes all cured. What happens is our body stops contacting the brain and the bodies muscles just need to be woken up. It will amaze you by the results you can get for just about any ailment.