Tuesday, December 23, 2014

How to Vajazzle

Many estheticians and waxers now love to offer vajazzle. What is a vajazzle and why does anyone wants Swarovski Crystal that close to the Vajayjay? In Wikipedia the description is: Vajazzle is a form of genital decoration, formed by the application of crystal ornaments on the shaved pubic area of a woman. The process is known as vajazzling. The phenomenon was popularized by singer Jennifer Love Hewitt, who devoted a chapter in her book The Day I Shot Cupid to vajazzling.[1] During a promotional interview on a US talk show in January 2010 they advised the female part "to their vajazzlen vajayjays" her audience ("vajazzle their vajayjays").[2] Vajazzle became the most searched term on Google for the following day.[3] So I started offering it as a service. Having a salon on Melrose was funny to say the least I thought maybe dancers would want the service. It was mostly girls graduating high school.(I guess it was better than the tattoo I got at that age.) Anyway this a great service to offer and I created a technique that actually makes it last for days. Perfect for porn stars, bachelorette parties, and anyone that likes to decorate there vajayjay for fun. I now offer one on one sessions to learn the proper way to vajazzle call to book now (310)967-7701

Monday, December 1, 2014

How to dazzle on the red carpet and off with these natural looking beauty alternatives.

Applying and removing your mascara every day is a laborious task at the best of times, so when it's red carpet season and you're in and out of makeup if becomes even harder. That's why eyelash extensions can save your look and save you lots of time. But if you already have great long lashes there is a great lash alternative for you too an eyelash perm with lash tint keeps your lashes up and dark and than you still don't need mascara that can run on your face and cause eyelashes to look dry. For any of these treatments in the comfort of your home check out www.platinumimageservices.com

Tatz Nails spa parties in your home

This is where technology transforms fashion. My good friend and technology photographer "Joyce Chow" told me about this amazing machine that would print any picture on the nails. At first I was little turned off by the price but once I saw the machine in action I loved it. Tat'z Nail'z is a system that brings modern printing technology into the nail salon. Any image or photo can be loaded into the system through a camera in front, or USB port in the back, and then be printed on a customer's fingernails. The printer uses HP cartridges that can do 10,000 nail prints each. The machine comes with 30,000 images preinstalled. We love offering it for spa parties, events, and just for that special occasion. You can book now at www.platinumimageservices.com

Beauty App for your smartphone in Los Angeles where beauty comes to your doorstep...

Beauty on demand, from your smartphone. Call it beauty on demand. Apps are creating salons of the future, right in customers' homes, such as the Vagaro app that Christine Reed uses for all spa appointments go to vagaro.com/platinumimageservices Penny Bentley Tennis Instructor gets the full treatment, as early as 7 a.m. -- all the while writing emails and prepping for her day. "Anyone, you know, who is on a tight schedule, which I think is any mom working or not, you know, we all have things that we need to get done, and we need to look good doing it," she said. Christine found a team of professionals, not through her fashion industry connections, but by simply swiping her smartphone. Launched in 2008, Platinum Image Services is the latest mobile app to offer women professional glamor, whenever and wherever they choose. "People are ordering their food, their groceries, their car services, their babysitters, everything you can really order just from your phone. So why can't you order beauty services to come to your home or your office?" asked Christine Reed owner and founder of Platinum Image Services. Christine Reed after owning a spa for several years realized most of her customers were happy to pay more for her to come to them. "I think we can build this company into something really big and powerful and disruptive," Christine Reed said. She wants to change peoples' habits. The service has already changed the habits of marketing executive Minna Kim, who uses the app twice every week. "The appeal of this kind of service is, first and foremost, really about convenience," Minna said. "When you cut out the travel time, it makes life a lot easier." "You can be where you want to be and pretty much order it up on your phone, and it's done," Reed said. www.platinumimageservices.com

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Keratin straightening makes hair manageable

This service will make your hair softer, straighter, and less frizzy. Being a bottle blond I have always been scared to put a brazilian blow-out or a keratin treatment on my hair. This service is great if the stylist does not dilute the product and applies it correctly. Everyone's hair has different texture and some hair needs more swipes of the iron than someone with thin hair for example. Someone with extremely course wavy hair it may not last on unless you really do alot of swipes of the flat iron. Another thing that I love is the shampoo and conditioner. I know it helps as one time I didn't have it and my keratin treatment hardly lasted more than a month.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

How neuro muscular therapy aligned my body and cured many friends

I have never been a fan of chiropractor's or someone claiming to be Back/ Neck Pain Specialist yet getting in a car accident forced me to decide what method I was going to use. I decided to try a new kind of therapy. It's called neuro muscular therapy and is not popular in the United States. I think because I feel better from these treatments than I ever had in my whole entire life. First he adjusted my jaw which I had never experienced before. Just from that one thing i could feel tension leaving my face and kneck. Over the next few weeks he continued to align and massage my body. I never walked straight, or even felt I could. Now I have sent Over 25 clients to my therapist with brain rumors, and back problems way worse then mine and yes all cured. What happens is our body stops contacting the brain and the bodies muscles just need to be woken up. It will amaze you by the results you can get for just about any ailment.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Looking for lashes: Eyelash Extensions add length, thickness, and are a safer alternative to Latisse

I used to never leaves home without wearing makeup — foundation, powder, blush, lipstick, eye shadow and mascara. It’s the mascara, though, that’s the most important I think. “My eyelashes used to be long and dark but, as I’ve gotten older, they have lightened and thinned out dramatically,” “I used to curl them, but I haven’t in years because I’m afraid of pulling them all out.” Over 10 years ago I heard about eyelash extensions. It was my boyfriend's sister, a hair stylist in Orange County, that convinced me to undergo an eyelash extension treatment, a procedure that attaches semi-permanent extensions composed of single strands of synthetic eyelashes. They are applied with surgical-grade adhesive directly to individual eyelashes. One at a time. With tweezers. “I have been doing this for 11 years,” and offers training to other fellow lash experts “It is important to get proper training because the procedure is very technical and intense.I also train for eyebrow extensions and bottom eyelash extensions” The initial procedure takes about 90 minutes to three hours. “We do offer lower lashes and colored lashes because the eyes are all different and can be made to look more open and intense depending on the lashes applied,” Some women think they are to old to get the extensions but most women as they get older have less time for makeup and less lashes so it is even more of an option. “I recommend refills every two to four weeks because a person’s natural lashes have a two- to four-week lifespan,” “The suggestive length [of the extension] is two millimeters longer than the individual’s longest length. Clients make the decision on what length and thickness they would like.” Because the extensions are very similar to natural lashes, mascara can be used. And you don’t need to use an eyelash curler on the extensions, Isana says, “because it comes with curves.” The initial cost averages about $200 to $400, while refills range from $100 to $200. Eyelash extensions offer instant gratification, but they have other issues. I do not recommend Latisse, a prescription treatment that claims to grow eyelashes longer, fuller and darker. Many of my clients have gotten dark lids and spend just about as much on the Latisse as eyelash extensions Contact Christine Reed (310)967-7701 for a free consultation PlatinumImageServices.com