Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Christine Reed's Laser Photo Nails

Until now we always had to spend hours getting someone to draw fancy designs on our nails. Not anymore now it can be done in less than 15 seconds. The machine is great for parties and promoting your logo at corporate events. Also a great gift idea for that special someone. To Christine Reed and Felicia Freeman they’re not just fingernails – they’re ten tiny canvases on which to create masterpieces. Christine Reed, who owns Platinum Image Services which operates out of Los Angeles and every service is offered in the comfort of your home, started offering nails in 2004. Since then she has hired and sought the best in the business to the point where she has elevated it to an art form. You can also visit downtown Los Angeles in the private Bunker Hill location at Bunker Hill Salon. “I like art and wanted to find a way to express myself without drawing,” Christine explained. “Hence, Daft Punk nails.” Indeed, Christine has decorated each of her toe nails to look like a tiny slice the helmut from Daft Punk. She chats up her clients so she knows what’s going on in their lives, with graduations, new babies, weddings, or just if someone needs a little pick me up. She’s been offering nails to her eyelash clients for over 8 year's now. “If you show me a picture of something the machine can replicate it,” she said. The cozy salon is an eclectic mix of comfortable wing chairs, one treatment room and private gated parking. “We try to have a cozy and relaxed atmosphere,” said Christine. While the salon is laid back and friendly, Christine is anything but casual when it comes to the business end of her career. “For shellac, I don’t recommend doing it more than three cycles in a row,” she said. “Gels are different. Gel is an artificial surface that you have to fill. Shellac is like nail polish in that it is temporary. But it gives a mirror finish shine that stays that way for two weeks.” In addition to the creative aspect of it, Christine aalso loves the fact that her job affords her the opportunity for a flexible schedule. “I like to see people happy,” she said. “To me, this isn’t a job. I’m hanging out with my friends.” To schedule an appointment, call the salon at 310-967-7701 or book directly at or