Sunday, January 6, 2013

Eyelash Extensions in Los Angeles what about the cost

 So many people ask everyday why is it so expensive to get eyelash extensions? I for one have seen all the worst eyelash extensions coming from the nail salons and eyelash salons in Los Angeles. You must be doing eyelash extensions for at least a year to be good enough to do them well and in a timely matter. Most places do not use the correct glue and they can come out faster than intended I have some clients come back in 5 weeks before they need a fill. Good eyelash extensions are not easy to do its just like getting hair extensions not hardly any people really care about your hair why would they care about your eyelashes. Using the right lashes is really important to. Most women can't handle a big plastic lash year after year hanging onto a tiny lash its just not going to work long term. I have seen some clients have lash loss from improperly applied cheap lashes. So check your lashes when done. Can you get a toothpick through them? Are you comfortable? Do you feel itchy? If you answered yes to any of these questions call me today I will help you find someone if you do not live in Los Angeles. Many people that are certified still can't do eyelash extensions so be aware. Losing eyelashes can permanent once a lash is removed from the root 20 times.