Sunday, March 18, 2012

Brisa Gel Nails the newest trend thats here to stay

 Brisa Gel is the greatest alternative to an acrylic manicure and can look the same if not better. It is an extension on the nails with applying a tip or just gel and curing it under the light.

How to fix the look of damaged short hair

My hair was extremely damaged from bleach and tracks I had put in to far in the front of my hair. The bleached look I was over and so I let the blond hair go. She used an light brown color with highlights and did a deep conditioning treatment during my hair color. She than took my 4 inch hair from short to long. It took almost 8 hours but it totally worth it. Using protein bonds and cutting them in half is key to doing amazing, long lasting, and no hair damage hair extensions. So amazing that my hair looks totally different and is long and healthy. It actually lasted 4 months and I was able to style it just like real hair.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Expert Advice for All lash extensions