Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Permanent makeup the real skinny on this geting ready timesaver

Having uneven lips has always bothered me and geting juevederm in the past had helped but was quite costly and I was afraid my lips would start looking like all those Duck people that you see walking around everyday. I really wanted something that would even out my lips give me color and not cost agrand a year. After Elizabeth Hanratty telling me multiple times it hurt worse than the eyeliner (which i had already done with her and it lasted 3 years so far!), I decided to go for it.
First i picked out a color i got something close to my lip color since i was going to go outside the lip line.

She is the best in the business and really knows what she's doing. She is an expert as she has been doing it for

Monday, October 22, 2012

Chemical Peels don't need to stop your life.

After trying over 8 different types of chemical peels I was not sold on trying one that was supposed to be light. I have always had very bad skin and deep acne scars on my cheeks and really felt a deep peel would be the best for me. But since I loved all the other products from the line Environ I had to give it a whirl. As she applied the layers of Medical Grade Serum the burning was not unbearable like it had been in the past with other peels and it did take a lot longer for the procedure almost a full hour. She then applied a soothing mask and I was hardly pink at all. My skin looked tighter and full of life. ( I never looked better after a chemical peel either.) For 3 days my skin looked amazing and than it started to flake in certain areas. It was not unbearable and I just applied natural makeup and did what I needed to do. Over the next 7 days this peeling continued and than my skin looked better than before. Less hyper-pigmentation and the discoleration was less too and I just looked fresher. I am on my second chemical peel now out of a series of 6 I will keep you posted with the progress. Today is day 5 after my second chemical peel and now I just lightly wear blush and I am peeling I don't look perfect but I still went out last night I just posted on my pictures to Instagram since my skin didn't look perfect. Make sure to only get peels from October to February if you live in Los Angeles.If you are interested in a consultation call (310)967-7701.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

High oxygenated water what are the benefits?

In Honor Of Earth Day Free Kangan Water for your home at Christine Reed Lash Salon

At the Christine Reed Lash Salon on Melrose you can bring your empty gallons to fill your water for your home FREE. In honor of earth day and saving the environment no bottles will be given away. You must bring your recycled bottles on April 22 2012
  Check out article below for more information:

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Brisa Gel Nails the newest trend thats here to stay

 Brisa Gel is the greatest alternative to an acrylic manicure and can look the same if not better. It is an extension on the nails with applying a tip or just gel and curing it under the light.

How to fix the look of damaged short hair

My hair was extremely damaged from bleach and tracks I had put in to far in the front of my hair. The bleached look I was over and so I let the blond hair go. She used an light brown color with highlights and did a deep conditioning treatment during my hair color. She than took my 4 inch hair from short to long. It took almost 8 hours but it totally worth it. Using protein bonds and cutting them in half is key to doing amazing, long lasting, and no hair damage hair extensions. So amazing that my hair looks totally different and is long and healthy. It actually lasted 4 months and I was able to style it just like real hair.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Expert Advice for All lash extensions